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Titanium rod, titanium alloy rod used in medical

Materials Grade:TA1,TA2,TA3,TC4,TA9,TA10,GR1,GR2,GR3,GR4.etc.

Size:Diameter:2.0~230mm.  length:<4000mm


GB/T13810-2007, ASTMF67, ASTMF136, ISO5832-2; ISO5832-3,etc.

Quality control:Third party inspection. BaoTi Lab

Product:GR3 titanium rod

Material Grade:TA3,Gr3,

Specification:GB/T13810-2007;ISO5832-2,ASTM F 67 ;



1. Microstructure Test is better than 7, tensile strength is higher than 585MPa, Construction well, good property. We can also offer according to client’s requirements.

2. Good biocompatibility, good property of anti fatigue, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It was widely used in medical equipment and normal biological materials of human implants.

Product: High mechanical property titanium alloy rod for medical application

Material Grade:TC4ELI, GR5ELI

Normal size:Dia10~14mm×L(《3000mm)


Surface:forge-rolling machine surface, lathe surface, polishing surface



Microstructure grade:≥A3

Quality Control:BaoTi Test Center Physical and Chemical Test Report- Chemical Composition, Tensile Test, Microstructure Test

Application:used in the processing of medical equipment, medical equipment,  implanted in the human body.